Twitter launches redesign AND Brand Pages

new twitter design

You may notice in the coming weeks that Twitter pages have a different look. It’s all about making the experience more simple and streamlined for current users and those just getting into it. Tweets will now appear on the right side and take up less real estate. With “home” it’ll be easier to embed video and imagery in your tweets (still only 140 characters, though). You’ll be able to “connect” to see how you interact with flies, tweets and favorites. And new is “discover”. Suggestions on who to follow and trending topics will reflect more accurately your interests, your current location and who or what you’re following.

Just today, Twitter entered into the Brand Page competition by launching their version of brand pages for 21 major contenders. It’s questionable right now about when they’ll allow small businesses to enter into this realm but you can check out what some of the major brands are doing on Twitter.

Is Twitter right for you?

60% of small businesses who use Twitter find it to be an effective method of engaging consumers. It’s second only to Facebook for marketing purposes and may begin competing more effectively with YouTube when the redesign is launched for the masses and video embeds become easier. You may not realize it, but social media can also help to improve SEO on your website as a part of SEM.

If you already have a Twitter account the new design should make it easier for you. But, if you’re struggling with using social media entities like Twitter and others we’ve got the professionals who understand the positive impact that social media can have on your business. Call us today and we’ll show you how to begin connecting with consumers and local business trends. Adding these social media icons to your website and links in your tweets to your website creates inbound and outbound links, which can boost your SEO.

It’s a great way of marketing yourself on the fly and improve your SEO! Contact us today!