Web Hosting

Revive Media Services will help you find the right website hosting solution. We offer Linux Services as well as Windows services. Our hosting solutions allow provide database support and application development platforms PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, ASP.net and more in secure environments especially for our eCommerce clients.

The cost to host your website in-house can be prohibitive when you consider all of the additional hardware and software requirements and personnel to maintain the equipment, troubleshoot server issues and keep hackers from bringing your website down. Hosting with free web host services will most likely require you to run their ads on your site to cover their costs. There will be space limitations and limits to the amount of traffic you website will get in a specified amount of time. These are two major issues if you expect your business to grow.

At Revive Media Services we offer monthly web hosting solutions starting at just $13.99/month, providing trusted and stress-free service. Up-time for your website is guaranteed to be 99.9%. We also offer dedicated server space and virtual dedicated servers – so you’re not sharing servers with other companies and aren’t subject to security issues that may arise.

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