Search Engine Marketing

Can’t wait to see how SEO affects organic search results for your website? SEM (search engine marketing) can quickly increase your website’s visibility utilizing a combination of the following:


Keyword density, title, description and keywords, user friendly interface, relevant content, links – internal and inbound, clean code. Read more about SEO with respect to Search Engine Marketing.

  • PAID PLACEMENTS – PAY PER CLICK These are paid adwords (as low as $.10/click) and display ads (as low as $.30/click). Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter are tools in the main search engines that allow you to create simple text ads which can be geographically targeted and bring more traffic to your website. Display Ads run across the associated networks (Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN) respectively and help drive traffic to your website with a visually appealing “banner ad”. Reports are readily available that will let you know how effective your campaign is or how to improve it.
  • PAID INCLUSION Website owners pay search engines to guarantee their websites will show up in search results. Search engines index websites ensuring that the search engine crawlers visit the site more frequently. Indexed pages improve the relevancy of search results. Clients can also submit information about pages more often.
  • KEYWORDS Keywords need to be chosen carefully and utilized in page titles, description tags and throughout the website. Monitoring keyword searches in an analytics tool will help you tailor content and update keywords for search results.
  • CONTENTInclude specific keywords in the content of each page. These should be used in headlines, subheadings and repeated in the first paragraph of each page. Content needs to be specific, unique and relevant to the topic of the page. Speak with a human voice. Regularly updated content will keep the search engines crawling your site more frequently for new imagery and content. Have the name address and phone number on each page of your website. This will help when users perform local searches for your business.
  • WEB DIRECTORIES There are free and paid directories for you to list your website on. The following are highly recommended web directories: Yahoo,, Google Open Directory Project (dmoz) – content feeds to search engines and provides a link to your site. Being listed on in web directories makes it easier for the search engines to classify the website based on the keywords and key phrases that have been used in the titles with which the site has been submitted. This gives your site a good chance of ranking high for searches targeting those keyword and key phrases.
  • LINKS – INBOUND AND INTERNAL In bound links (also known as back links) to your website are an extremely important element for increasing your visibility on the web– having your site in directories, on partner websites, social media sites, etc. that link back to your main website can potentially increase traffic. When search engines do search query’s they will see the inbound links which can boost your rankings. . Google highly values this and everybody wants to do well in Google. Internal links are also important . They have significant impact on your website search engine performance, mainly because they are a great tool that enables you to redirect some traffic from incoming links from one page to another. The key element here is context. Thus you will give more weight to the content on your website pages in the eyes of the search engines taking advantage of your internal links off of the backlinks.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, YouTube, linkedIn – inbound links – tweet and make it short and sweet. Remember you only have 144 characters. Post pictures and video on Flickr and YouTube – link to those sites which will have back links to your website. Set up a Facebook page and link from your website so people can like you.
  • BLOGS Host your blog under your main domain name. Always tag your blogs content and create categories. Pinging, flickr, reddit, dig, Stumbleupon will publish your content elsewhere, potentially driving traffic to your blog and your website.
  • SITE ANALYTICS Monitor your site performance through an analytics tools. This is a great way of monitoring your websites’ performance and can help you with ongoing website optimization.

Our SEM professionals can evaluate your current website and offer a solution that will get your website visibility increased quickly and efficiently.

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