Community Involvements

Revive Media Services believes in community involvement. Here we will share things we have done for our Gulf Coast community. Revive Media Services believes in the importance of building up the larger community that surrounds us. We believe that our community thrives when everyone works together on all the issues that impact us-whether for a business, a school or a family.

Revive Media Services strives to make a positive contribution to our larger community.

It is our desire to partner with the local people by participating in organizations where we can help to not only research and identify problems, but to help initiate practical action. This social responsibility creates goodwill for everyone as we all feel comfortable with one another in our surroundings and learn that we can rely on one another. We not only conduct business in this area, we live here too. It’s our home and we want the best for our friends and neighbors.

Revive cares about working with our local community but we are also here for you, wherever you may be!

In a broad perspective, communities thrive on the goodwill of citizens and businesses performing widespread community service, volunteerism and educational opportunities. Respectful relationships are forged to foster the well-being of all living beings in an area. In our specific community we’re fortunate to have many opportunities to become better citizens. We enjoy supporting our local organizations and causes. We are active in the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce. Our military community is extremely important to us and we devote time to promotion of military activities.

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Recent Activities


Our very own Lynn Dominique awarded the Eglin Spirit Trophy along with other local businesses.


Lunch at Clemenza’s as a team.

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