Gaffer Tips: Photographs & Lights

Today at Revive, we experimented with lighting options for group photos. Perhaps you have encountered the problem of limited lighting within a small room. For your next photoshoot, we have a great fix for this issue. Continue reading, to discover one of our gaffer tricks.


Hero Shots

With the help of our Director of Photography, Kevin Almodovar, we attempted to take group photos in our lobby. The first time around we had one light, which is called a keylight. The keylight was set up in the front of our team lighting down on us.


As you can tell in the image above with just the keylight, the image seems to lack lighting since our group blends into the dark background. In our next round, we added what is called a hairlight, or also referred to as a backlight. The backlight stands behind and over our team to add extra lighting. You will see that new image pictured below.


As you can tell, by adding the backlight we established what we like to refer to as a 3 dimensional look to the photo. Our team now “pops” and viola! We have new team photos! Need more information about our video production services? Contact our team for more information!

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