The Future of Voice Search and SEO on Mobile Devices

Voice search capabilities are something that many companies are ensuring is incorporated in new and upcoming models for phones and computers.

Currently, many voice searches provide you a list of web results based on relevancy, just as search engines would when a key word is typed. Users would prefer a direct answer to their searches, which is something that search engines are still working out. While Google currently doesn’t penalize websites that are not voice search friendly, it is important to stay ahead of the game and begin implementing techniques to make your content voice search friendly.

There are many reasons that people would prefer to use voice search. A few reasons that predict voice search popularity will increase is that using voice search is quicker than typing, it is safer to use when driving, and many people do not like typing on their mobile. Voice commands on devices already give you the ability to take notes, send messages, and more.

Voice search will try to produce the quickest, easiest, and richest information.

While many are still using typing for their search queries, it is important to begin creating and thinking about content that is rich with intent and purpose with your business goals in mind.

Some vital information that will need to be considered for website content in the future are below:

– Long Tail Keywords that sound more like natural language queries
– Consider how people would phrase a search query
– Voice queries are more local oriented
– Conversational tone in content

Typers will continue to exist but with the growing number of voice searches there will be some changes that need to be done to capture those customers.

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