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A few weeks ago our Director of Photography, Kevin Almodovar shot a commercial for the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. Currently being aired on TV, the shot was completed in just 2 days. Using the latest technology and lighting techniques, we were able to replicate the message our clients at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center wanted to send to new patients. Take a look in the video below.

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What does a Director of Photography do?

The director of photography or also referred to as the cinematographer plays a vital role in video production. The DP (Director of Photography) must have a very vast knowledge and understanding of cameras, composition, lighting, and film. A DP’s duties and responsibilities include the work he does before, during and after film production. Learn just some of the steps a cinematographer takes in making a video.

The DP is needed in the early stages of video production since they decide instrumental decisions such as how to interpret the script in line with the director’s vision and they also set the cinematic style and tone.

While the DP may not always physically draw the storyboards, the cinematographer must still go through the script and create a visual representation of every shot. The storyboard will lay out the film in its entirety so that the director and producer can schedule and plan production.


A large part of time is spent selecting cameras and lenses to create a uniform style for the film. Along with camera selection, comes the specific lens kit and lenses to best capture each shot.

The DP gets to dictate how he or she wants every scene lit. In some cases, a DP is in charge of a single gaffer or an entire lighting department depending on the type of project.

Framing each shot requires great attention to detail from the DP. Working alongside the cameraman, the DP properly frames each shot. This process can take hours depending on the film.

Once all of the production is done, the DP can get into the post-production process. This includes the digital grading and film development process.

Have any questions for our Director of Photography? Our cinematographer has many years of experience. Contact us today for your next video production project. Let Revive take your video idea from concept to delivery!

Why Corporate Video?

In contemporary society, most businesses are applying the corporate look to their companies. Some of this is apparently visually, from logos to signs to even business cards. Other methods are less direct but increasingly popular, such as video production for marketing and advertising; more media-based-training in order to maintain that professional appearance. Corporate video is a primary source of success for growing businesses While some companies have a whole division dedicated to corporate video work, others rely on hiring professional production agencies to get the job done. Our company specializes in all types of video production, corporate included, and we have the right tools to give your company a fresh, digital makeover.

Why Corporate Video?

So why even do corporate videos for your business? Why spend the money? In this day and age, digital media is everything, so keeping up with modern trends is essential to maintaining a successful company; PowerPoint can only do so much. Additionally, corporate videos can be a variety of subjects.

Our Video Production Services

Our company offers a bevy of production services, including video production (for corporate, commercial, and advertising to name a few), post-production editing, graphics, and much more. Revive Media Services’ goal is to create first-class video with a message that has a cinematic feel to it, because we want to treat a client’s project with the same respect they have for it. In this industry, nothing less than dedication and hard work will cut it, otherwise the product suffers. Fortunately, we are professional enough to operate that way.

Revive Media Services specializes in corporate video and video production. If you are interested in our services, view our portfolio and our equipment list. We would be happy to hear from you and speak to you about what you have in mind for a corporate video for your business!

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Northwest Florida Regional Airport – Television Ad

Here is a look at Revive’s most recent television ad! The Northwest Florida Regional Airport recently hired us to shoot their newest 30 second commercial. Contact us for more information about your video production needs! Our phone number is 850-362-0001


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Testing the Teradek Cube

teradek cube

It’s a busy morning here at Revive Media Services! We are preparing for an upcoming shoot and today we are testing the new Teradek Cube which allows for wireless transmission of video up to five devices including iPads and laptops!

To learn more about the Teradek Cube, please visit the Teradek Website

Whip your website back into shape after the holidays.

Happy New Year to everyone from Revive Media Services. We’re back and ready to help get your website in shape after the holidays. We’re a full-service web design and video production company in Fort Walton Beach with clients in Destin, Fort Walton, Pensacola, Panama City and other Florida cities. Revive offers website design, maintenance and SEO that will get your website fit for the New Year.

Added to that we have an award winning video production team who’s always up for filming a TV commercial that will get your business noticed at the start of the year. Then we can add the video to your website with one of our web maintenance plans.

Need a complete website overhaul? We can help you with any new website changes. Our designers and content managers are up to the task of giving you the web presence that will get your business rolling in 2012. Call us today! We’re revived and revitalized after the holidays and ready to get started with new website designs and video production projects for current and new clients.

Revive Media Services – end of the year round up.

Well, 2011 is closing in on us all and it’s been a good one for Revive. This year we brought in new web design clients. We’re wrapping up an exciting new database project for Affinity Fore Sports that’ll launch next year and our video production team has also had great successes with tv commercials, web promos and other miscellaneous projects. We’ve also made some additions to our team so that all of your web design, web maintenance, SEO and video production work is fully covered.

So that we’re rested and revitalized for the New Year, we will be closed on Monday, January 2nd, reopening on Tuesday, January 3rd. We’re here all week to cover your web design and video production needs and if something should come up over the holiday weekend our 24-hour answering service will be available.

Thank you to all of our friends and clients in Fort Walton Beach, Destin and beyond who helped make this year a success and we look forward to an even stronger 2012!

Happy New Year from the Revive Media team!

Revive Media involved in “Uncle Bobs Leg” movie shot recently in Fort Walton Beach


Revive Media Services’ Kevin Almodovar recently wrapped a shoot for a scene in the new Black Comedy Film, “Uncle Bobs Leg”.

As Director of Photography he worked with Writer & Director Stephen Baker of Navarre and Screenwriter Don Goodrum. The film was 20 years in the making and will finally come to fruition early next year.

This particular scene was filmed locally in Fort Walton Beach at Beal Street Bottle Club with local talent from Fort Walton Beach and Destin. The movie will make its debut in April, 2012 and will be featured on film festival circuits throughout the southeast in hopes of achieving wider release, nationwide.

“Uncle Bob’s Leg” is a black comedy about a man who loses a leg in a hunting accident and what his favorite niece and nephew do to help him deal with his loss. You won’t want to miss it!

Uncle Bob is portrayed by Fort Walton Beach resident, Bradford Jordan. Mr. Jordan lost a leg to gangrene after Hurricane Katrina. He was sought out by Stephen Baker to read the script for any tips and for political correctness, then immediately asked to play the part.

Here’s a little preview of Bradford in action with Brenda and the Go Cats singing “One Legged Man” for the movie “Uncle Bob’s Leg”

If you’re looking for professional video production in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre or Pensacola and beyond, Revive Media Services has the talent and equipment to deliver top quality video for your website, promo or tv commercial.

Many thanks to Melissa J. Thurber for taking these on-set stills of everyone in action.

Santa Claus came to town early in Niceville

revive media services santa claus

On top of managing clients’ web design, video production and website optimization needs, Revive Media Services in Fort Walton Beach always finds one of our own to have some fun while supporting local businesses. This year one of us filled in for Santa Claus while the real Santa prepares his sleigh with toys for all you good little girls and boys.

Just last weekend Santa appeared at the Superior Residences’ annual Christmas Party in Niceville to pass out treats to all of the adults and kids alike who attended. Can you guess which one of us this is?

First person to identify this imposter gets a $15 Starbucks gift card!

Contact us today to discuss your web design and video production needs.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Lynn Dominique attends conference in support of Doolittle Raiders

brandon pence photoshop workshop

Earlier this month Lynn Dominique, Revive Media Services and Shelley Normand, Superior Residences had the honor of attending the International Conference on WWII “From Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal” in New Orleans, LA. They went in support of 4 of the 5 remaining USAF “Doolittle Raiders” who attended and spoke about their harrowing raid on Tokyo following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941.

Lynn and Shelley became close friends of Lt. Col. Cole, USAF, during a 2008 reunion event held at Eglin, AFB in Fort Walton Beach and have remained in close contact with the “Raiders” ever since, participating in events and book signings in the southeast whenever possible.

Revive Media Services’ web design team and video production group salute and support our local military personnel, past and present.

To learn more about the Doolittle Raiders check out their website.

Lynn Dominique and Shelley Normand with Lt. Col. David Thatcher, engineer-gunner of Crew #7

Image above: Lynn Dominique and Shelley Normand with Lt. Col. David Thatcher, engineer-gunner of Crew #7
Image right: SSgt. David Thatcher, Lt. Col. “Dick” Cole, Maj. “Tom” Griffin, Lt. Col. Edward Saylo

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