Flash To HTML5

I have been involved with Adobe Flash for over a decade. At one point about 7 years ago everything I built for the web was in Flash. In this time I’ve watched Flash shape change in its entirety from a simple animation tool for designers (Flash 2), to a robust programming language for developers (Flash CS3 and later versions). All the while it managed to maintain all previous facets of itself. It was everything to everyone and the thing to have a website that was made out of Flash.

However by the end of 2008 Flash Player could be found on about 99% of PCs Worldwide per statistics from Adobe. If you had a cool Flash site, most people could see it. Hip and slick flash websites were all the rage and developers were flocking towards the Flash environment.

Flash CS4 launched that year and incorporated a new and more robust Media Encoder, which meant that most formats of video could now be streamed though Flash too (So AVI, DV, MPG, MOV files could all now be turned into FLV flash video). This made Flash video the premiere and most widely used movie playing software on the web.

Adobe had also in 2006 launched the new, super sleek version of its programming language, Action Script 3.0. This object orientated programming language was something Flash programmers and developers had been needing for years. So now Flash could also be used to program fabulously funky, fully functioning shopping carts .

Flash had done it again, it had morphed to become what was dreamed of it.

So why are we now starting to seeing the death of Flash on the web?
There are 2 major contributing factors:

1.The SEO drawbacks have never been overcome. As the output of Flash is a movie, its very difficult for search robots (such as googlebot) to accurately read and distinguish flash content online. It is true the method of deep linking using swf address has somewhat helped in this area; but the fact remains that all other things being equal, a code based site will out-perform a flash site in search results.

2.The rise of the mobile devices. The refusal of the Apple organization to support Flash on its devices has been much discussed, and the fundamental reasons are well understood. See Steve Jobs’ 2010 article on the topic. However the underlying truth is that Flash excelled in the era of the PC and the mouse. It is far less ideal for use on mobile devices in terms of resources and interactivity with touch screen as opposed to mouse. This is true despite Android’s recent Flash support initiatives.
And I for one am not going to sit back and wait on the day when Apple will ever support Flash Player on its devices.

I my self have noticed a drastic drop in demand for flash websites or apps recently. In this case we judge its only a matter of time before the general public accepts the realities as our community sees them.
Indeed it would appear to this me at least that Adobe, with the release of Edge for HTML5 authoring, is reaching similar conclusions. I can just hope that Edge will evolve as beautifully as Flash did or better.
RIP Flash websites, I’ll miss you.

So what will replace Flash use on websites and how will this change the Web?

There is very little doubt that a large proportion of web interactivity in the near future will be driven through HTML5. Audio and video files for example can now be easily implemented through the language by simple tags.

The great open source language PHP will continue to feature heavily in dynamic web development initiatives. As for established open source content management frameworks, WordPress looks set to continue in its meteoric usage rise.

We expect to see a lot more 3D file integration in websites soon. The intelligently applied use of After Effects and Cinema 4D will bring a very fresh look to websites. As downstream bandwidth rates rise exponentially the barriers to running 3D applications will disappear.

But none of the above can do great animated interactivity as brilliantly as Flash.

Therefore there is nothing to totally replace Flash, but there are enough other cleaner elements out there that maybe this doesn’t matter anymore. We have all gotten over our amazement that the web exists at all, and we no longer need to watch a slick interactive flash animation to bedazzle ourselves. Now we primarily want information quickly from the “information super high way”. Information, research, entertainment though video or music, shopping and paying bills are all items we want from our time spent online.

As for Flash itself, it has always exhibited masterful ability for adaptation. Right now it is being heavily used in online gaming. The millions of sites incorporating Flash are unlikely to disappear overnight, but they will disappear over time as the world wide web continues to adapt to our needs.
So while the future of flash in website development is fading, it may well carve itself a new alternative path forward.

The opinions in the article are exactly that, opinions.

Meet Drake “The Man”

We are so proud of our team here at Revive Media Services. Diverse, experienced, passionate, talented and perfection-seeking … those are just a few words that come to mind when we think of the folks who work so hard to create your website, any video production you have or even advertisements! Okay, we are obviously biased, but we think you’ll agree as you learn more about the people behind our developments. Revive Media Services employees are pretty special.

Our workers hail from all over the Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre and Niceville area. It’s important to all of us that every product we develop is made right to our clients satisfactory. We’ve been in business for more than 4 years and some of our employees have been with us right from the very start! We keep adding to the team with talented new hires as the business grows, but experienced or new, the one thing all Revive Media Services employees have in common is passion … passion for quality, for beautiful designs and for creating the very best products for your needs!

Now, in the spirit of getting to know the people of Revive Media Services, we’d like to introduce you to our newest team member here at Revive Media Services, Drake!

Where are you from originally?

“I grew up in Pinellas Park, Florida – 15 miles west of Tampa.”

How long have you been developing web designs?

“I’ve been developing web designs since I was about 8 years old.”

What’s your job title?

“Well some people call me ‘The Man’. But I am the new Design/Developer/Programer here at Revive.”

What does that mean, exactly?

“That means, when you have a custom website or image you would like designed; I am the nerdy guy people think about that is awesome on a computer. I design all my images from scratch and program everything you need until the client is happy.

I also spend a little amount of my time working with Kevin on making custom video products in the video production side of Revive.”

What is your favorite part of creating a new website?

“The initial design phase is the best, because I work to translate a vision of our clients into reality. It’s great to see the diversity in our clients minds basically come to life!”

Tell us some things interesting about yourself.

“I was sponsored for BMX Free-style riding when I was 16.”
“I have been playing on computers since I was about 6 years old, but designing since I was 8.”

What’s your favorite TV show?


What are your favorite movies?

“The Big Lebowski”
“Pulp Fiction”
“Fight Club”
“James Bond”

Revive Team at the 2012 Addy Awards

Revive & TDC at the 2012 Addy Awards

The Revive Media Services team, in conjunction with Nicole Scott and the Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau took home a gold award at the 2012 Addy Awards!

Revive Media Services – end of the year round up.

Well, 2011 is closing in on us all and it’s been a good one for Revive. This year we brought in new web design clients. We’re wrapping up an exciting new database project for Affinity Fore Sports that’ll launch next year and our video production team has also had great successes with tv commercials, web promos and other miscellaneous projects. We’ve also made some additions to our team so that all of your web design, web maintenance, SEO and video production work is fully covered.

So that we’re rested and revitalized for the New Year, we will be closed on Monday, January 2nd, reopening on Tuesday, January 3rd. We’re here all week to cover your web design and video production needs and if something should come up over the holiday weekend our 24-hour answering service will be available.

Thank you to all of our friends and clients in Fort Walton Beach, Destin and beyond who helped make this year a success and we look forward to an even stronger 2012!

Happy New Year from the Revive Media team!

Revive Media involved in “Uncle Bobs Leg” movie shot recently in Fort Walton Beach


Revive Media Services’ Kevin Almodovar recently wrapped a shoot for a scene in the new Black Comedy Film, “Uncle Bobs Leg”.

As Director of Photography he worked with Writer & Director Stephen Baker of Navarre and Screenwriter Don Goodrum. The film was 20 years in the making and will finally come to fruition early next year.

This particular scene was filmed locally in Fort Walton Beach at Beal Street Bottle Club with local talent from Fort Walton Beach and Destin. The movie will make its debut in April, 2012 and will be featured on film festival circuits throughout the southeast in hopes of achieving wider release, nationwide.

“Uncle Bob’s Leg” is a black comedy about a man who loses a leg in a hunting accident and what his favorite niece and nephew do to help him deal with his loss. You won’t want to miss it!

Uncle Bob is portrayed by Fort Walton Beach resident, Bradford Jordan. Mr. Jordan lost a leg to gangrene after Hurricane Katrina. He was sought out by Stephen Baker to read the script for any tips and for political correctness, then immediately asked to play the part.

Here’s a little preview of Bradford in action with Brenda and the Go Cats singing “One Legged Man” for the movie “Uncle Bob’s Leg”

If you’re looking for professional video production in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre or Pensacola and beyond, Revive Media Services has the talent and equipment to deliver top quality video for your website, promo or tv commercial.

Many thanks to Melissa J. Thurber for taking these on-set stills of everyone in action.

Revive Media Services will be closed Friday, December 23.

revive christmas

In the spirit of the season our offices will be closed on Friday, December 23rd reopening on Monday, December 26th!

Our 24-hour answering service will be available for emergencies with your website.

We’ll be here all week following Christmas, so if you need to speak with someone about a website or video, give us a call.

Happiest of Holidays to All from the Revive Media Services team!

Revive Media Services celebrates the Holiday Season!

revive christmas party

Last Friday, the Revive Media Services team, past and present, met up to celebrate the Holiday Season. We all enjoyed yummy pizza and schnitzel at Fokkers in Ft. Walton Beach. Nothing too crazy happened until “secret santa” paid a visit and then the team went crazy – well sort of, over a little gift that Brandon Pence received. What was that gift?

From Lynn, Kevin, Brandon, Angel and Kenan, Revive Media Services wishes you a happy, safe holiday season!

Take a look at our outstanding video for the TDC

We are so excited to announce “Get a Little Sand in Your Soul” for the Emerald Coast Tourist Development Council and would love to know what you think. Leave us some comments below or you can “Like” it on Facebook.

We shot at 7 different locations throughout the week with the cooperation of local businesses in Fort Walton Beach and Destin. The promo will be broadcast regionally and featured on the TDC website. Everyone we contacted was excited about the possibility of participating in the video which highlights some of the great things that draw visitors here from around the world.

We’d like to thank all of the local businesses that partnered with us and helped make the vision become a reality with it’s simple, straightforward messaging and powerful images.

If your business is looking for a professional, hi-quality video, TV commercial or promo then Revive Media Services is your go-to partner.

Call us today and let’s talk! 850.362.0001

New website designs in progress for our Destin, FL clients.

buccaneer pirate ship logo

One of Revive Media’s clients, Southern Star, has a new venture – the Buccaneer Pirate Ship, slated to take its maiden voyage in the Spring of 2012. Revive Media was tasked with designing their new logo,which was received with much enthusiasm. Our web designers then sat down with Southern Star Dolphin Cruises owner Steve Wilson to discuss the new website. When it’s launched, users will be able to sign up for text messages to get directions, info on special promotions and more. You’ll also be able to make reservations for individuals and groups through a secure payment system that we’re collaborating on with the Southern Star team. We’ll be shooting video for the website for those who won’t be able to make the first cruise so you can see what the fun is all about.

Locals in Fort Walton Beach and Destin know what fun the Billy Bowlegs Festival offers once a year – how about a year-round Pirate experience on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Family fun is guaranteed. Weekend only (over 21) marauding mischief-makers excursions will also be offered for all you Blackbeards and Grace O’Malley’s at heart.

Keep an eye out for the launch of the website (coming soon). Meanwhile, check out some of the work we’ve done for other Destin, FL clients and if you want a website for a new venture you’re about to embark upon, give us a call. Our web designers and graphic designers love new and fun web projects – let us help you launch your newest business venture online! 850.362.0001

$10 Starbucks Gift Card from your friends at Revive Media

We’re giving away $10 Starbucks Gift Cards to the first 5 people who have good things to say about us on Facebook. And who wouldn’t like a free Grande Spiced Pumpkin Latte while surfin’ the interweb? Even better, while we discuss your website and video production needs?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Revive Media Services Team

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