Revive Team at the 2012 Addy Awards

Revive & TDC at the 2012 Addy Awards

The Revive Media Services team, in conjunction with Nicole Scott and the Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau took home a gold award at the 2012 Addy Awards!

Start off right with Social Media Optimization

SMO (Social Media Optimization) – yet another acronym that everyone, especially small businesses need to pay attention to. What this means is that you need to set up at a minimum the following social media outlets for your business:

Websites will need to change direction in 2012 – rather than solely being an info source about your products and services it should become the online hub for everything related to your business and your brand. Users should easily be able to connect to your site and business from where they spend a good part (25%) of their time online; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few. Once users get to your website if you’re streaming your tweets to your homepage they’ll know they can return to your site for the most up-to-date information about your business. And we all know repeat visitors are a good thing. With YouTube, upload videos frequently to your channel and add a link back to your website in the video description. Be sure to prominently display your social media property links (logos) on your homepage so that new and returning visitors can reach them easily for the most up to date info on what’s going on with your business.

These are also plusses for SEO. The more content you have spread out on the web associated with your business, the better chance you have of being found more frequently. Updating your blog frequently also gets crawled by search engines helping with SEO and keeping content fresh and informative.

And if you’re thinking, “how am I gonna be able to update all of these entities”? Well, Revive Media Services has the tools in place that allow for:

This allows for minimum time spent and maximum output of fresh content over the web, so you can get back to business.

Social Media is extremely valuable in getting your customers to engage with you on the web. By “liking” you, sharing your content on their social media properties and giving them a forum to leave comments they’re interacting with your company/brand and “spreading” the word. And that goes a long way for small business.

If all of this seems overwhelming then Revive Media Services is your social media optimization partner. We’ll evaluate your website; make recommendations on what’s best for your business’ website, talk about a web maintenance plan to get social media integrated and update content, then help with getting you set up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Call today and let’s get you optimized for the new year.

Are you listed in Google Places?

search without places

If you’re not you should be.

80% of purchases are made within a 15 mile radius of where users live. That’s why having a Google Places page is good for your business, it’s also a must for local SEO. You can optimize your Places page with pictures, video and exact categories applicable to your business. It’s also important to have a consistent listing in other local directories.

Depending on your organic search term and set location businesses with a Places page may appear at the top of regular organic search results. These search results will have the Google Places info in the search results – address, phone number and a link to the Places page with more info and a map. This can result in a distinct advantage for businesses with a Places page.

Try this:

In order to ONLY have Places pages displayed in results, click on MORE beneath Shopping in the left bar and then choose PLACES. Results will only reveal websites with Places pages.
A user can also change locations in the left bar by clicking on the current location chosen, typing in a city or zip code and clicking on set.While Google seems to be making changes to “Places” quite frequently it’s a good idea to get on the band-wagon now. It’s yet another way of improving your SEO and getting your business found in search results.Call us today and let Revive Media get you set with a Google Places page for your business. Talk with us about our web maintenance and SEO packages and let’s get your business noticed fast!


Whip your website back into shape after the holidays.

Happy New Year to everyone from Revive Media Services. We’re back and ready to help get your website in shape after the holidays. We’re a full-service web design and video production company in Fort Walton Beach with clients in Destin, Fort Walton, Pensacola, Panama City and other Florida cities. Revive offers website design, maintenance and SEO that will get your website fit for the New Year.

Added to that we have an award winning video production team who’s always up for filming a TV commercial that will get your business noticed at the start of the year. Then we can add the video to your website with one of our web maintenance plans.

Need a complete website overhaul? We can help you with any new website changes. Our designers and content managers are up to the task of giving you the web presence that will get your business rolling in 2012. Call us today! We’re revived and revitalized after the holidays and ready to get started with new website designs and video production projects for current and new clients.

Web Hosting Solutions and Website Maintenance Plans Available

Start the New Year off with an affordable and secure hosting solution. At Revive Media Services we offer website hosting packages starting as low as $8.99/month – WHAT you say? That’s right Revivehost – Revive Media Services website hosting solution gives you free online set-up and instant account activation, daily backups, 24/7 support and lots more.

And while you’re thinking about a better website hosting solution why not update your website with one of our web maintenance plans. We offer plans starting at just $99/mo. which includes basic content and image updates that you provide. Our $399/mo. maintenance plans include imagery and content updates, basic graphic design, content creation – AND – a really fast turnaround to boot! Our content writers and SEO team will collaborate and help with optimizing your site so that you get found on the web.

If you want to update your website at the beginning of 2012 and move it to a better web hosting solution, Revive Media Services can help. Let us become your new web design, maintenance and hosting partner today!

Revive Media Services – end of the year round up.

Well, 2011 is closing in on us all and it’s been a good one for Revive. This year we brought in new web design clients. We’re wrapping up an exciting new database project for Affinity Fore Sports that’ll launch next year and our video production team has also had great successes with tv commercials, web promos and other miscellaneous projects. We’ve also made some additions to our team so that all of your web design, web maintenance, SEO and video production work is fully covered.

So that we’re rested and revitalized for the New Year, we will be closed on Monday, January 2nd, reopening on Tuesday, January 3rd. We’re here all week to cover your web design and video production needs and if something should come up over the holiday weekend our 24-hour answering service will be available.

Thank you to all of our friends and clients in Fort Walton Beach, Destin and beyond who helped make this year a success and we look forward to an even stronger 2012!

Happy New Year from the Revive Media team!

Revive Media involved in “Uncle Bobs Leg” movie shot recently in Fort Walton Beach


Revive Media Services’ Kevin Almodovar recently wrapped a shoot for a scene in the new Black Comedy Film, “Uncle Bobs Leg”.

As Director of Photography he worked with Writer & Director Stephen Baker of Navarre and Screenwriter Don Goodrum. The film was 20 years in the making and will finally come to fruition early next year.

This particular scene was filmed locally in Fort Walton Beach at Beal Street Bottle Club with local talent from Fort Walton Beach and Destin. The movie will make its debut in April, 2012 and will be featured on film festival circuits throughout the southeast in hopes of achieving wider release, nationwide.

“Uncle Bob’s Leg” is a black comedy about a man who loses a leg in a hunting accident and what his favorite niece and nephew do to help him deal with his loss. You won’t want to miss it!

Uncle Bob is portrayed by Fort Walton Beach resident, Bradford Jordan. Mr. Jordan lost a leg to gangrene after Hurricane Katrina. He was sought out by Stephen Baker to read the script for any tips and for political correctness, then immediately asked to play the part.

Here’s a little preview of Bradford in action with Brenda and the Go Cats singing “One Legged Man” for the movie “Uncle Bob’s Leg”

If you’re looking for professional video production in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre or Pensacola and beyond, Revive Media Services has the talent and equipment to deliver top quality video for your website, promo or tv commercial.

Many thanks to Melissa J. Thurber for taking these on-set stills of everyone in action.

Santa Claus came to town early in Niceville

revive media services santa claus

On top of managing clients’ web design, video production and website optimization needs, Revive Media Services in Fort Walton Beach always finds one of our own to have some fun while supporting local businesses. This year one of us filled in for Santa Claus while the real Santa prepares his sleigh with toys for all you good little girls and boys.

Just last weekend Santa appeared at the Superior Residences’ annual Christmas Party in Niceville to pass out treats to all of the adults and kids alike who attended. Can you guess which one of us this is?

First person to identify this imposter gets a $15 Starbucks gift card!

Contact us today to discuss your web design and video production needs.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Lynn Dominique attends conference in support of Doolittle Raiders

brandon pence photoshop workshop

Earlier this month Lynn Dominique, Revive Media Services and Shelley Normand, Superior Residences had the honor of attending the International Conference on WWII “From Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal” in New Orleans, LA. They went in support of 4 of the 5 remaining USAF “Doolittle Raiders” who attended and spoke about their harrowing raid on Tokyo following the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941.

Lynn and Shelley became close friends of Lt. Col. Cole, USAF, during a 2008 reunion event held at Eglin, AFB in Fort Walton Beach and have remained in close contact with the “Raiders” ever since, participating in events and book signings in the southeast whenever possible.

Revive Media Services’ web design team and video production group salute and support our local military personnel, past and present.

To learn more about the Doolittle Raiders check out their website.

Lynn Dominique and Shelley Normand with Lt. Col. David Thatcher, engineer-gunner of Crew #7

Image above: Lynn Dominique and Shelley Normand with Lt. Col. David Thatcher, engineer-gunner of Crew #7
Image right: SSgt. David Thatcher, Lt. Col. “Dick” Cole, Maj. “Tom” Griffin, Lt. Col. Edward Saylo

Revive Media Services will be closed Friday, December 23.

revive christmas

In the spirit of the season our offices will be closed on Friday, December 23rd reopening on Monday, December 26th!

Our 24-hour answering service will be available for emergencies with your website.

We’ll be here all week following Christmas, so if you need to speak with someone about a website or video, give us a call.

Happiest of Holidays to All from the Revive Media Services team!

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